Episode 2

“Let’s do podcasting”, we said. “It will be fun”, we said. And it will be, you hear?!

Clearly it’s not all video conference meetings and LOLs. Although there are plenty of those!

Here are a couple of images of Louise and I working hard, across state borders (that may or may not be open or closed at the time of writing/reading).

Note the trial corporate uniform…

We didn’t walk into this venture expecting to be an overnight success, with some misguided impression that we were going to dive straight into a life-affirming, lifestyle-sustaining income. It was always going to take some effort and time to build some solid structures for our business operations.

Importantly, we have gender parity when it comes to our income. We’re both earning zero at this stage.

We’re at the point where spreadsheets delight us. Before you poo-poo the thought of that, allow me to describe the jubilation when our imaginary sales person signs that hundred-million-dollar client. Corks pop and streamers fly!

As anyone will tell you, branding is one of the essential keys to success. From your local influencer to multinational corporations and everything in between, the one thing you will notice with any success story is a good, recognisable brand.

We had some work to do.

Our journey continued along it scenic pathway with a stopover at Dante St James. Dante St James isn’t just any old destination… it’s a crowning jewel in internet of small business startup resources. Also, Dante is a real life person Louise and I have both worked with in a past life, and is really switched on when it comes to marketing.

From Dante’s YouTube channel, we embarked on our Brand Story adventure, and with some feedback from the man himself we delighted at the developing narrative for Welcome Change Media. Who are we? What do we want? How can we make our customers the hero in every connection we make?

It’s at this point we realised we may be getting slightly off track with our mission, which was to make our own podcasts about things that are important to us. It’s super important, we realised, to stick to our vision! More on that as the story keeps unfolding, no doubt 😉 Nevertheless, we were sparked into action!

Strange, don’t you think, how we always jump to the worst possible scenario when putting things together? I mean, I’m all for planning and putting contingencies in place, but developing our full complaint handling strategy probably wasn’t of the highest priority at this stage. Nevertheless, you can rest assured Welcome Change Media will always listen (therefore avoiding complaints) should you ever have something you’re not happy with (within scope of our business – we can’t fix problems unrelated to Welcome Change Media).

It was refreshing to be working with some structure. I mean, we had achieved some pretty cool milestones up until this point: before we even started…

  • Louise had an enviable following for Any Excuse For Fashion on Instagram,
  • I had a ready-to-air pilot radio serial Willow Tree Manor (something clickable on that soon!),
  • Together, we had laboured over colours and their combinations to choose a colour palette that represents everything we are and aim to be,
  • Louise tinkered with some logo designs, and
  • I wrote a bunch of words (these ones not included) all with the aim of making some handy go-to’s for when we’re in the thick of production

But it was the structure of watching an instructional video and filling out a stencil that really got us excited!

Yes, we need to get out more, and yes we came out the other side having a much better understanding of who we are, as Welcome Change Media.

Very soon, you will, too!

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