Call for Beta Readers

Feel like reading a new story?

Andy Le Roy. Photo by Maggie McGinty Photography .

It feels like it’s been a long time coming, but sometimes things need to percolate a little bit before we unleash them in all their glory.

Anyone who knows me knows I love to write, so much so that I’ve got three draft novels up my sleeve and decided it was time to rework one of them and get it ready to find its place on people’s bookshelves.

I’m ready to start sharing the story to test its appeal and see where marketing efforts might be best placed. 

The story’s working title: Jessica Willard’s Gone Home.

About the story: This is a fantasy fiction piece that deals with themes of grief, loss and life after death. I wrote it after losing one of my parents as a way to create a space in which they could exist where they were safe, loved and could have a kooky adventure or two. It’s with a sense of fun and creativity I have aimed to bring this story to life. It brought me a great sense of comfort writing it, and I hope its style brings a sense of warmth and comfort to you, too. 

What is a beta reader?

Beta readers are a really important asset for writers. They’re the people who read our stories and share their perspective on how the story flows from a reader’s perspective. Maybe there’s a piece of the plot that doesn’t make sense, or something just doesn’t click. 

To be a beta reader, you don’t need any qualifications other than to enjoy reading and be prepared to share your perspective with the author. Is there something you particularly like about certain elements of the story? Maybe there are parts that don’t leave you feeling satisfied. Whatever your experience, I’m interested to know so I can tighten things up for others to enjoy.

Who can sign up?

The story has been written with a young adult audience in mind, with a female skew, although I would like to test the story across a wide demographic to see how it resonates with other audiences, too. If you love to read, I’ve love you to give it a try!

How can I sign up?

Just click here by the end of Sunday 19th November 2023 to sign up and start reading. Thanks for taking interest, and happy reading!

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