Hello. I'm Andy 🙂

I’ve been called lots of things throughout my life. The most interesting ones lately are Gubba (non Indigenous person) and Yarramundi (storyteller). 

I’m your not-so-average cis, gay, white male. I’ve been a storyteller from the time I could talk (and talk and talk, as the story goes…) I’ve been a writer from the time I could hold a pencil and form letters of the alphabet. Stories have run through my veins for as long as I can remember. Listening to them, and telling them to ears and eyes hungry and ready to connect with what I have to share: with me.

My career has been atypical. On the surface, a man who just never seemed settled, always looking for the next thing; but it’s the point of creation that has always sparked me up. Making or reshaping, then handing the reins over to the next leader to maintain and grow in a way that’s familiar and good to them.

As a leader, I listen and encourage others to find their voice and their own sense of meaning to make our shared interest their own. As a colleague, I give you space to be heard and for you to take the credit you have earned. As a consultant, I learn about you and what motivates you and your team to make sure what I help you create is something you can truly and happily lay claim to.

The common thread in all I have done and all I continue to do is my connection to people. The common ground we share that unites us and helps us all to reach whatever heights we desire, and are sometimes unaware we’re capable of. I have worked in government and aged care, led teams in sales and customer service and have even worked in broadcast media. It’s always the people who matter, wherever I focus my energy. Their stories that intertwine with mine to create a bigger narrative in which we all play an important part.

How will our stories merge, you and I?

Photo credit: Maggie McGinty Photography. Thanks, Mags!