Gordon's Apprentice

If you have ever felt like your job is too big for one person, imagine being the only being in charge of maintaining the needs of an ever-expanding universe.

It’s no surprise Gordon had become run down: a niggling cold that wouldn’t go away and an unrelenting workload were reason enough for a small holiday. An apprentice to learn the craft and share the load was surely the best answer.

Enter Hazel: a sharp shooting Tooth Fairy who quickly rose to the top of her game in Angeldom. She may not have been Gordon’s first choice, but she was ready for her next challenge.

Dancing dolphins, magical soup trees and mother-of-pearl skies weave together the rich background for this comical tale of the time God took a well deserved break.

From the woodlands on Earth to the rivers on Hibble, Hazel would become Gordon’s Apprentice. With Gordon’s intense training program, what could possibly go wrong?

ALR Publishing. 2013.

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