Staying on brand

Staying on brand

No I in TEAM?

There are lots of I’s in TEAM. Be the one who collaborates well.


“There’s no I in TEAM” the old saying goes, but looking at TEAM I can see 13 I’s and they’re all at different angles.


Wow. Sometimes I surprise myself with my own observations.


Now, there’s a reason I let Louise handle the visual aspects of what we present to the public for Welcome Change Media, and any of the assets that come under it: she’s got a really good eye for visual detail, is really good at it and is super interested in making things even better every step of the way.


You know that person in the office who quickly flaps about and says “who did this?” when they see an off-brand image or logo in something you send from your email?


That’s Louise. In the nicest possible way.


She’s made some beautiful graphic assets over time since we launched Welcome Change Media. The web site? That’s her visual style at work.

Andy appears on the left hand side in a blue and red striped jumper, Louise stands to the right in a multi coloured outfit. In between them is the Welcome Change Media logo and the line "content made easy!"

Reframe Of Mind? Louise is at it again.

A purplle silhouette of a head is at right of frame, looking to the left of friame side on. The words "Reframe of Mind" appear above the Welcome Change Media logo.

I really love the purple head silhouette she created for this. Chef’s kiss, as we’d say.


So, the reason I leave the visual stuff to her is the same reason she leaves the wordy bits to me: because that’s what I’m good at and enjoy doing.


We each bring our experience and passions to Welcome Change Media as we forge ahead making content that’s important to us, and also connecting with clients whose message we dig and see value in amplifying.


And I’m not going to say I’ve always been a willing participant in this public display of communication thing, oh no I’m not! As Louise at times has dragged me kicking and screaming into different realms of content making with a “let’s make this” or “I want to do that” or “maybe we could have a go at-“


AAAARRRRGHHHH! “We just need to focus on something and bring in some clients,” I would say, and that’s true, but we are *cough* content makers after all.


We’ve all heard the story of the plumber with the leaky pipes (if you haven’t, it goes something like it’s always the plumber who’s got the leaky pipes suggesting we always attend to our own things last, despite having those skills and using them to help others). OK. Got that out of the way.


So, after what has probably felt like an eternity of Louise saying “let’s make some content” and me going “but clients” I can only imagine Louise feels like she’s entered some happy unicorn level of this game where Andy’s now really into this content making thing, because he’s not gonna be a laughing stock and if he is, the people laughing at him aren’t important anyway.


As I started writing posts and actually posting them, Louise smiled, and occasionally flinched as she saw the images I paired with them as the feature images. While writing my blog post “Andy Made A Porno” I thought to myself you know what, this image I’ve snapped would really look much better if it had a frame, or some kind of branding attached to it. I know! I’ll make one in Canva now I’ve made friends with it by making some slides for my uni presentation!


I wanted it to fit in with the brand Louise had done such a wow of a job on with my website. So off I went with my creative spirit in toe.


But you’ll remember I started this post saying something like I’m not the one with the visual eye and Louise is the one who is better at that than me, or some such thing. Anyway, I broke the cardinal branding sin we’ve all done in the office that triggers our flappy colleague into “who did this?” mode. I headed for Canva and approximated a colour for a frame’s border from the colour on my website, then I thought this really needs an element to tie it in so I snipped something from the home page, yes I did!


And now, without any further ado, may I present Andy’s version of an Instagram placard in keeping with my brand:

A blue border with pink neon writing that says "Any's Place" above a low res image of Andy wearing his headphones and a mock signature in the bottom section of the border.

I mean, I got the blue right!


And I published it! High five to not letting perfectionism get in the way of moving ahead!!


And then I heard Louise’s voice, and amongst all of the non-flattering things it was saying, it reminded me that she had already made a placard for such times, to which I said at the time, and I quote, “oh my god I love it!”.


Now, the concept of “Andy’s Place” is new, and I’m sure Louise will tie it in more elegantly, but here you have a brand-appropriate version, with the blog pillar’s name (building of an empire) and the title down the bottom and wow, I’m loving myself sick again, Shaz!


A textured rainbow background with well balanced titles "The Making Of An Empire" and the title "Andy Made A Porno" with a picture of Andy and the title Andy's Place on a mock Polaroid photo.

And now I can see I need to work on my photographic images so they don’t detract from what really Is a lovely job Louise has done.


So next time you’re wondering about whether you can get away with making a quick version of the brand you represent… don’t. I’m seriously joining the flappy friend brigade here and saying “just don’t do it.. people have spent HOURS getting the brand right. Five minutes of your time spent asking “where can I find this?” and actually finding out is much better than a half an hour wasted making something that looks at least five minutes off, and will also save you from having to fess up when the person in charge says “who did this?”

Lesson learned. Time to go. I’ve got some content to make!


What’s the funniest branding fail you’ve seen? Have you been the office culprit yourself or are the guardian of all that’s pure and good for your brand? Let me know!


  • Louise

    I can’t believe you put that blue with that shade of pink when I set up a brand palette in canva already that has the complimentary pink in it. Positioned next to the blue. 🤔

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