New Blood

Adelaide Fringe 2023

Set in a fictional country town, New Blood follows the trials andt4ibulations of the local inhabitants as they cope with change and ponder how they fit in as their lives are impacted by development and gentrification. It stands tall as an example of how White Australia, in its resistance to diversity, suffers the fate of its own narrow-mindedness: refusing to accept anyone or anything outside of its stereotypical small-town attitude. There are no diverse stories to be told in this town. All white, all straight. Even the prodigal daughter is having trouble re-assimilating. As much as we might hope for the characters to see any of this and signal hopefor change, or for any sign of diversity, it never comes.

The production has a strong cast whose voices meld beautifully, with some funny and touching moments. Staging was cleverly understated, with the performances carrying the scenes well through non-stop music and lyrics. I’ll look forward to seeing where the cast members appear next, and thank my lucky stars the town they portrayed is a work of fiction.

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